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Niki Devereux - Curator & Art Consultant 

Niki Devereux, a renowned Art Curator, has successfully curated numerous art exhibitions, some of which have received critical acclaim. With a background in Production Design and Art Direction, Niki initially made her mark in the film industry. She now leverages her project management expertise and keen eye for detail to curate custom exhibitions for a diverse range of artists. In addition to curating, Niki offers Art Consultancy services.

Niki is known for her unwavering commitment to quality and her innovative approach to addressing and resolving the curatorial challenges faced by her clients - artists and galleries alike. She believes in the uniqueness of each project and does not adhere to a standard look. Her proficiency in contemporary, classic, modern, and eclectic art styles enables her to showcase art in a way that maximizes its impact. Niki handles PR and Marketing for her exhibitions in Central London, either independently or in collaboration with her arts-based PR company. This gives her control over the overall visual and verbal PR narrative.

Niki's process begins with understanding her client's brief, followed by sourcing the exhibition space, collaborating with the artist to select works, recommending publishers and printers, and creating sketch-up presentations of the final gallery selection in situ. She also maintains a guest list to boost footfall at each exhibition.

Niki's vision is to transform her clients' dreams into tangible realities. Her multifaceted creativity allows her to manage a wide array of projects from inception to completion. Her sharp design sense and meticulous attention to detail enable her to deliver unique exhibition designs. Niki connects with her clients on an emotional level, using her creative intuition. With her visual platform, she introduces bespoke elements into the space using her designer palette and exceptional curatorial skills.


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